News about news! yaqyn is a startup that verifies truth for the masses

About Us

in Yaqyn We are looking for new ways that empower us to know real from fake, fact from opinion and truth from rumor. this could be a medical claim or a scientific observation, neither algorithms nor humans can alone clear the fog of doubt but only a combination of both.

People are now increasingly spending more time on their smart phones and in social networks , to verify facts you have to be where they are and answer to what they want to be verified. Long gone the days where you expect people to read whatever you want them to read, people wanna read what they want to read

But how?

it starts and ends with the users themselves, because fake can only be a problem when we share it A lie told a thousand times becomes truth, and its too late to undo the damage to the subconscious

when we are better informed, we are more likely to make better decisions, when a user is warned before sharing something that it might be fake, they are less likely to share it

Hiring Now!

if you wanna be part of a group that wants to make a change, even for just a little bit then join us!


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