A study found that we love lies! fake stories get shared an average 6 times more than true stories. it might be astonishing , often exciting and unlike anything we red before, and if its too good to be true then maybe it is.

often, we don’t have the time to verify whether a mountain of gold was discovered in the amazons, but still we share it to others because we share everything from jokes, to satire to anecdotes, if it makes others laugh, scream or illicit any type of emotion then we share it.

But, if people knew before they share something that its absolutely fabricated, they will be less likely to share unless they tell you later it was a hoax. we believe that to remedy the plague of fake, it should be dealt with early on before it spreads and damage then has already been done. And like preventing disease, it should be fought wherever it spreads across all platforms, Or it will just come back to re infect from where it lied dormant.

By monitoring viral posts, engaging them early on and providing easy access to the right information at the right time, truth can be delivered right after fake was seeding. it is crucial though to accept the fact that we humans might not have absolute truth in every question, but it is important to label such story as being questionable until proven otherwise, which might happen tomorrow or never.